We focus on secured lending within the UK property sector 



We offer a diversified, secured, asset backed investment opportunity



Listed on the Irish Stock Exchange (Euronext)



Tax free ISA savings can be used to finance John Howard projects

John Howard is one of the most experienced property developers in the UK today, in a 40 year career he has bought and sold in excess of 3,500 properties across the UK and completed numerous developments. The latest being a project called the Winerack, a recently completed development of 150 luxury apartments with commercial space on Ipswich waterfront. This £27 million project partly funded through the UK Governments Homes England funding scheme.


John and the team have extensive contacts in the property industry. They are able to identify opportunities that are not typically available to normal investors. The bond will invest in residential, commercial and mixed use properties including purchasing off market portfolios, distressed opportunities and properties that require particular skills that offer the team an opportunity to acquire at below market value.

All lending is secured on UK property assets by a legal charge (1st or 2nd charge). In addition to the legal charge, personal and / or corporate guarantees are often obtained from borrowers.

We also carry out rigorous due diligence on all potential project to protect investors.

All our Bonds are IFISA eligible (including ISA transfers).